Today, we walk

Today’s the day that Morgan and I start the PCT. After a hectic couple of days around LA, including arriving straight off my flight and into helping to Morgan to move house, going to a gig, getting up at dawn for more moving house, and then running around packing food and running errands; things are settling towards the walk. Compared to all this, the walking is going to be a piece of cake.

Cable issues mean no photos yet, but coming soon… Matt sleeping with a dog, me sleeping in a pile of resupply boxes, the Elvis wig, and other chaos.

We owe thanks to a lot of people in LA and around who have helped us out and been incredibly kind.

Woohoo… It’s finally starting 🙂

2 comments to Today, we walk

  • duncan rathband


    The PCT adventure has actually begun. I didn’t know/forgot that morgan was also moving house along with the court case, preparing for the PCT, and other craziness. Daing.

    Just wanted to say in public a big ‘Go!’. You guys rule and I massively wish the best for you and your trip on every axis and in every sense.

    I’ll write a proper email to morgan’s new address some time.

    So much love,


  • duncan rathband

    I recently heard some of a straight-edge compilation with a friend.

    There was a song on it called ‘for the kids’! Amazing. Not only this, but it also featured a breakdown moment *with* a ‘Go!’ shout. You guys would wet yourselves with joy.