Why ride a singlespeed? (Part 2)

Here’s another good reason (Part 1 here):

  • Because it’s not the fastest way to ride a bike. I’m hugely competitive, but that competition is directed at myself. Deliberately riding a bike that’s inefficient acknowledges where the real challenge lies: not in beating other people, not in achieving an 5% improvement in my average speed, but simply in sustaining my effort for the amount of time I want to ride for. And that’s not all – anyone who has ridden along a flat road with a 32:16 ratio (or, even worse, my usual ration of 32:18) cannot take themselves too seriously. And if they do need to watch the bit in The Goonies where the older brother gets dragged along by a car whilst riding a BMX – that’s what you look like with your little legs spinning like a pinwheel.

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  • Matt!

    Hey man! How was the journey back across the pond? Really sorry you could not continue on. I spoke with Dr. Beeby the other day and he is doing fantastic, really pushing along and enjoying it. We chatted briefly about Norway and my race and he suggested I check with you if you had any interest in being on my crew for Norseman. If not, cool. If so, it would be a blast and I would be grateful to have some sort of familiar face. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do much hiking.