The Sad Truth About The PCT

Well, I’d been trying to keep the dramatic tension for anyone who didn’t know about how the PCT ended for me. The rate and detail of posts about it probably gave the game away though, so other topics are going to creep in-between, but the story will get finished. After a while my knee packs in and I come home, but stuff happens first. Interesting stuff 🙂

Also this means I can let people know about Morgan’s solo progress. The last time I heard from him was yesterday and he’d passed half way. I’m happy for him, impressed by him, and pretty damn jealous of him.

So another interesting thing is a another possible knee self-diagnosis… Who knows if I’m right though. We’re approaching the 1 year anniversary though and it’s hard to remember what riding was like when the limiting factor was my lungs, my legs, or my willpower.

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