Enter The Pug

Well, there was an awful lot of waiting, but the monster has finally arrived. On Friday afternoon and with many thanks to Cycle Care, I took ownership of my Pugsley. Then, life being life, I couldn’t even put the grips and pedals on until Monday. Saturday was 10 hours of training on the bike, and Sunday was training on foot with Emily and spending some time together. Still, the big grey bike was still lurking when I went out to see it today and now it’s ready to ride tomorrow. So bring on the glamour shots (apologies for poor quality camera-phone work, my camera is elsewhere. Click for bigger images)…

No comments about the fence… it’s on the neighbour’s side! Nice, clean lines from the Pug, though.

New style seat-clamp from Surly has a nice S embossed on it. Open cable guides for full-length cables/hoses.

Apparently, Hope SS hubs only come in gunmetal colour these days. The seals look different to my 1 year old one too. Note the crazy-big rims with offset build to allow a full range of gears that don’t foul the massive tyres.

Lovely Hope stem, Goodrich braided hoses (to avoid plastic cracking in the cold. Arguably I should have gone with cable discs), King headset. The front is very high and wide as that’s the usual style for snow bikes (so I’m told and it worked for me with the rental).

This is what it looks like to get run over by a Pugsley. Yes, the tyre really is bigger than a tree 🙂 Also of note: the front wheel using a rear hub. For the race, that’ll have a different gear from the back just in case. Even if I use that gear, I’ll still claim to have ridden it singlespeed!

View from the seatpost… a 100mm FSA ISIS bottom bracket. Wise people say FSA ISIS is pretty good these days. Hope so! 

That’s how a drivetrain should look! Simple lines. For the race, I’ll be running a granny ring at the front, but 32t for now so I can ride it round Swinley.

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