Flip flops and big drops

Some photos that summarise the summer.

Bike-wise it’s been about progression, taking it easy on the training front, fiddling with different bikes and set-ups, and lots of riding with flats. The pedal choice was first brought on by frostbite making my toes too big for cycling shoes, but I enjoyed it so much that I’ve stuck with them. I like the bigger platform, the extra control (when I twist, the bike comes with me rather than rotating in the cleats), and the changed attitude. For fast XC, I’m back on SPDs now but it’s nice to appreciate both.
Welsh Ride Thing: Spread across 3 days and mid-Wales, it was the chance for some wild camping and epic riding. Our first choice of camping spot wasn’t that wild, but it was chosen with darkness well and truly falling (photo from the next morning).

Welsh Ride Thing: Some good views!
Welsh Ride Thing: We’re not obsessed by cows (honest).
Welsh Ride Thing: Not a bad view from your canvas bedroom.
Just before the start of Emily’s swim of Lake Zurich:
During the Lake Zurich swim:

Northern France in a The Mystery Machine (unknown cyclist):
Bringing gourmet cooking (and tea) to le froggies. Mmm… beanfeast:
Cow pretending not to be interested in farmer carrying food near campervan parking spot number 2 (not obsessed by cows, remember):
Monet’s garden in Giverny:
For some people the hippy van may have caused them to wear flowers in their hair, not me:
The aforementioned flip flops. Not performance footwear, not a performance summer:
Faux free-rider contemplation (while Adam finds his focus with the camera):
The aforementioned big drop:
So that’s some of it. Fingers crossed for an Indian summer, but the one we’ve had so far hasn’t been too bad.

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