Hurrah! It’s the final countdown!

I am so excited that Aidan is nearly at the finish! I have butterflies flapping wildly around in my stomach.

He stopped last night 48.76 miles from Silver City (his last check point!)It looks as though he is still there but I reckon we will see signs of movement in half an hour or so.

Once he has reached Silver City he then has the last 133 miles to go!!!! Wahoo that is less than what he has been clocking up each day! The prediction chart thinks that he will make it in on the 20th day and 5 hours. The single speed record is 19 days and 16 mins and so Aidan may just miss that but who cares!

I think we can all say that he has done such an amazing job out there, To be in 4th place and only a tad behind the single speed record for your first time at this Epic journey is pretty darn impressive.

I am wondering whether he is going to keep his head down and try to do the whole 181.76 miles in a day, I wouldn’t put it past him as I suppose he doesn’t have to save himself for any more days of riding! We will just have to wait and see. Personally I think he will get in somewhere in the 19 day mark.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Aidan as a film star take a look at this link:

I had to chuckle as I have written Aidan some letters that he can open along the way, for the letter at the finish there is something else inside the envelope that will be of use to him after one of the comments made by him on the video. I will not put the answer yet as I am aware that Aidan has had internet access and so I’d hate to ruin the surprise but I will reveal all tomo when he finishes!

Anyway let us all think of Aidan give him some shouts of encouragement and see him to the finish line!!!

GO ON Aidan you can do it!!!!

3 comments to Hurrah! It’s the final countdown!

  • Mike

    Been following Aidan….I was especially interested in two things…1) The recovery drink he mentions and 2) The tour on a singlespeed….oh and 3) The Singular bike….I read great reviews of the bike online, wanted his thoughts as well. Congratulations on a terrific ride…..peace

  • martinh

    Looking good to finish inside 20 days. A great ride.

    Next time he could get the SS record. If there is a next time. Very few Brits seem to race it twice

  • stuart

    Outstanding result … Aidan you should be as proud of yourself as Emily is of you!