Iditarod Waypoints

I’m well into preparations for Nome now: reading all kinds of arctic-ey stuff, watching all kinds of arctic-ey stuff, sanding and painting over the rust on my Pugsley, riding hard, all those things.

And I’ve just finished one rather useful task that I’m happy to share:

Bill and Kathi publish a list of Lat/Long co-ordinates for places along the race including checkpoints, settlements, and cabins. I’ve added some BLM cabins, too, and removed the Northern route since we don’t use it this year. Here they are in GPX format so you can download straight to your GPS. I sanity checked them on GPS Visualizer and fixed a couple of errors (e.g. I hadn’t converted from min/sec into decimal), but if any of them are wrong, and you freeze to death, don’t blame me 🙂


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