Aidan’s on the Yukon


It has been a while since I last updated Aidan’s where abouts, so here goes.  I spoke to him Friday morning (5:30) UK time as he had just reached Anvik.  He was stopping there that night whilst the Petervary’s went onto Grayling.  He sounded good and commented on the fact that he is looking forward to seeing the ice formations further along the way as I think the scenery is a bit too familiar for Aidan now!

He mentioned that he had to stay at Iditarod for 48 hours as there was no trail out of there.  Now that the dog mushers are passing through there should be trails for them a fair way now.  Conditions are amazing, a lot of sun and it would seem that there has been little snow fall during their time on the trail.

Aidan left Anvik Friday morning (US time), picked up some supplies and hit the Yukon river.  Kathi has told me that it is here that Aidan could hit strong headwinds, snow drift and a trail that requires a lot of pushing.  So far the weather report is showing low winds and sun, so lets hope that this rings true and helps Aidan complete the next 130 miles to Kaltag with ease!

I am hoping Aidan will reach Kaltag later today.  This will be the next check point that I may hear from him if he gets a chance.

He did mention that Bill and Kathi have bought a pizza at one of the checkpoints and the person that gets there first, gets it.  I think it could be Kaltag and so maybe he will beat the Petervary’s to it!  I know that it is a carrot on the stick for Aidan and I also know that he will be taking the idea of pizza very seriously so lets hope he gets it!

The following link is to Jay and Tracy Petervary’s pictures, there are a couple of nice ones of Aidan:

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  • WOOP WOOP – Ammmmmaaaazing… go Aidan go Aidan…. this is getting very exciting! We’re really cheering for you back here! Go Great Britain! Richard, Jason, Kirsty and Nadine…