He’s somewhere out there!

Hi all.

So at the moment communications from the check points back to Kathi (one of the organisers of the race) is a bit slow, probably due to the sheer amount of hungry bikers mouths to feed as and when they come in, not leaving a lot of time for telephone calls.

I did leave the last post with the fact that I was hoping to see Aidan having reached Rainy pass by the time that I had woken up.  I was pleased to see that he had. Now I am predicting that he must be on his way to Nikolai.  I have been looking at how many hours are between him and the lead racer.  It is 19 hours.  Based on this I am predicting that Aidan should arrive into Nikolai around 11am UK time or 2am Alaskan time tommorow morning.  Other than that I have no real idea as to what part of the trail he  is on!

John Ross (Shaggy) a friend of Aidan’s from here in the UK, was also racing this year but sadly had to retire due to a crash which has injured his shoulder.  He has told me that Aidan was looking strong and that ‘Horton’ his sledge seemed to be his secret weapon as he seemed pretty comfortable.

The lead racer is stopping at McGrath so my only other thought is that Aidan may stop to have a longer sleep so he is able to endure the 1100 miles in a more sane kind of mind (I say kind of, as I am sure some of you are already questioning his sanity!) However lets hope he reaches Nikolai by 11am tomorrow morning!

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