It is getting exciting!

So I left it last time that I had hoped to hear from Aidan the next day at Kaltag.  I in fact got a call from him that night, he was in good spirits and making brilliant progress.  I got another phone call last night as he had reached Elim and was pushing onto Golovin for the night.  At that point Aidan was ahead of Jay Petervary and the race was certainly on.  Jay and his wife Tracy have parted company, therefore sending a clear message that he was intending to up the pace to the finish.  Aidan has accepted the challenge and is pushing on hard.  At the moment I have butterflies in my tummy as Jay reached White mountain 1 hour ahead of Aidan but with 3 hours less rest than Aidan has taken, they are now on the trail for the final 70 miles!

This race is going to be over by the time we open our eyes in the morning (UK time),  Bill the race organiser thinks they will finish in 3-4 hours of me typing this entry.

All three of them, Aidan, Jay and Tracy are going to smash the existing southern route record of 22 days by miles as it will be 17 days if all goes to plan!  Amazing!

Now we just have to keep our fingers crossed and keep urging Aidan on not only to become the first single speeder to Complete this magnificent ultra endurance event but also to be the one with his name behind the new set record!

Go on Aidan go!!!

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