The first ever single speeder to Nome

Well Aidan made it!  He was head to head with Jay and gave us a very exciting finish as it was close between them to the end.  Aidan came in 2nd  in an amazing time of  17 days 9 hours and 15 minutes.  He has become the first ever single speeder to successfully make it to Nome and he has completed the 1100 miles race 5 days quicker than the former record of 22 days.

When I spoke to Aidan, he was happy to have finished, he was eating like a horse and felt ok.  He told me that the winner of the race the year before had gone out on his snow machine to see who was leading the last leg.  He saw that Jay was in the lead by about 1 hour.  When Aidan heard this he realised that Jay would reach Nome first so he decided to kick back a bit and enjoy the last part of an amazing journey, he met people to chat to on his way in and cruised into Nome late Wednesday evening.

He is now back in Anchorage catching up with himself, Bill, Kathi and other people he knows.   I will be flying out on Tuesday as we are going to travel around Alaska together in a car, not a bike to see the sights and to enjoy it from a different angle!

I am sure you will get a much more detailed and accurate account from the Champion himself soon.

Until then…… Three cheers for Aidan, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray!

Well done Aidan, you did an amazing job, we are all really proud of you!

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