Well here he goes again!

So February 27th 2011 at 2pm Aidan started the Iditarod race in Alaska. Aidan is covering a distance of 1100miles from Anchorage to Nome. Two years ago he did the shorter version, 350 miles to McGrath. Now he is in for the whole hog.

So far he is doing really well, in 48 hours he has made it past the 3rd Check point, 130 miles in at Fingerlake. The conditions are good and giving Aidan a chance to ride some decent hard snow as opposed to carrying his bike in waist deep snow like two years ago.

Comparing his speed to when he did it in 2009 he is flying along this time. Sadly he was planning to ride all the way to Nome with Billy, an Alaskan friend, however Billy had to scratch at the second check point due to knee trouble.

I know that Aidan will carry on speeding along though, especially as he has a sledge type of contraption which he has named Horton to help him when the snow softens and requires serious pushing (which is going to be inevitable).

I am heading to bed soon and I am hoping that when I wake up Aidan has been through the 4th check point: Rainy Pass lodge at 165 miles.

So just a quick message to him: Keep going, I have every faith in you and i’m thrilled that you are making such good progress-Well done!

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