My Tour Divide in Pictures

My pictures with slight commentary. Mostly taken when riding with Josh (hence not much after Silverthorne):

Robin shows me around his local singletrack in a Banff shakedown ride.

Josh pushing through snow on the Whitefish reroute. I think it was over 10 miles of snow, but at least it was well packed and we could chat along the way.

LONG train on a beautiful misty morning at a level crossing in Montana.

Taking water from a good-looking source. I like to be choosy over where I take it from and drink it untreated wherever possible.

There was an extra reroute around this flooded road, but we couldn’t understand the directions and just went straight through the water. Josh was pushing in an attempt to preserve his bike. I just rode through like a buffoon (with dry feet!).

Zooming down towards Polaris with Parker and Rob (the Georgia boys).

Looking back towards the sunset as we finish off Montana with a 180 mile day.

After the rail trail in Idaho, some well-earned nice trail.

The Divide Basin is one of the first big, remote stretches. But don’t get cocky… once you finish the off-road, you’re faced with this flat road, and then another Divide crossing before you reach Rawlins. One of the most mentally taxing sections when it comes at the end of an already big day.

A couple of pictures of a serious land-slip on the road going from Wyoming into Colorado.

We pushed on past Steamboat Springs to avoid the gravity and cost of a hotel room. Unfortunately, drizzle became rain and I set my bivi bag next to Josh’s tent sort-of under some trees.

Getting my frame repaired at Kent Eriksen’s workshop (Kent in the green t-shirt).

The result of the repair: new welding along the crack, and an extra strut between the chainstay and seatstay.

The final road to Antelope Wells. Not much fun on a singlespeed and passing this mountain is about the only thing that happens in 65 miles.

They are constructing a new building at Antelope Wells. That meant there were some workers there instead of the usual emptiness. And that meant, they happily gave me food and beers to celebrate the end of my ride. True Zuni Indian hospitality.

Everyone has to take this picture 🙂

3 comments to My Tour Divide in Pictures

  • david

    Great shots. Although not the placing you were gunning for, a really inspirational ride. Enjoy the recovery.

  • At the risk of sounding nerdy do you know what your gear development is? I usually run bog standard 2:1 on 26 inches, so 52. I was wondering if that was feasible for a GDR style race because I don’t really want to learn to use gears all over again.

  • In 2011, I was using 34:19 on 29er wheels. Sheldon makes that 51.9 gear inches.

    In 2010, I used 32:18, which is 51.6 gear inches.

    For EWE, I’ll probably use 32:18 again. I only changed because the 2011 frame had a 1/2 link EBB so a limited choice of ratios.