Ready for Grenzsteintrophy

All the usual chaos getting ready (full day’s work, fixing my car tyre, rescuing the cat from a fight, …) but the bike’s in the box and I’m ready to go over to Germany for the Grenzsteintrophy.

The event is 750 miles down the old border between East and West Germany. It’s a revised route for 2012, so something of an unknown. Now that all the inconvenient planning/packing business it out of the way, the good bit can start: riding!

I’ll be riding with Andy Waterman of Privateer Magazine, so we’ll be taking plenty of photos and writing an article afterwards.

You can follow the race here:

(but that looks like another event as of 14 June)

And my individual SPOT tracker here:

2 comments to Ready for Grenzsteintrophy

  • medoramas

    I’ve finished reading the article in new Privateer – I quickly googled for some extra info about the epic race in Germany and I landed here 😉 Very inspiring story, very inspiring people… Thanks for that:-)