EWE 2013

So what the heck is happening with EWE in 2013?

Well, it is still happening but more quietly this year.

Last year, I had to try to make a song + dance about it to make sure it happened: to make sure I kept pushing it ahead, and to make sure there was enough momentum to get people to help with the route. In the end, we got out there and rode but the wet weather caused a lot of wear + tear on us as riders. There were some amazing trails, and some trails that would more usefully have been on roads. In the end, though, we weren’t able to finish the route

So this year, the route has been updated and the sun has been shining. The main updates to the route are:

  • New route through the Lakes including local knowledge (tracks that are on the ground but not on the map! Tracks that are known to be fun!)
  • Use of the C2C route to get from Penrith to Newcastle
  • New route from Machynlleth to the Kerry Way (avoiding where there are tracks on the map, but not on the ground!)
  • Numerous small changes to avoid:
    • Crazy-steep overgrown climbs in Somerset
    • Slurry strewn, electric fence blocked, nasty, nasty track on Wenlock Edge
    • Riding round in circle looking for missing tracks before Cannock Chase
    • Bits of private land
    • And more low points from 2012 đŸ™‚
  • Total distance down to 1180 miles, software-estimated 124,274 ft of climbing

It looks like the only riders taking up the challenge will be myself and Lydia Gould. So less of a race, more of a ride. But it’s going to be a heck of a ride. And with no Steve Heading breathing down my neck, maybe the chance to take photos.

I’m excited about it. Some parts will be completely new to me. Time to plunge into England and Wales!

The new route is available to view here:

The race starts on:

  • 28 July, 8.00 am

2 comments to EWE 2013

  • AL

    Good luck and have fun out there! keeps the blogs coming its great reading.

  • James Gillies

    Hope the expirence is a whole lot more pleasant than last year for you. Mind it was epic watching the three of year battle all that rain. If the route works out this time, then I’ll be really tempted to give it a go. Might even suite my, what did you call it “retro bike” đŸ™‚