Highland Trail Race – Intro

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The Highland Trail Race is a 430 mile race around the Scottish Highlands. Although it . . . → Read More: Highland Trail Race – Intro

Highland Trail Race – Kit

The Highland Trail Race was absolutely amazing. With some stiff competition from strong riders, it was pretty sharp at the sharp end.

Through a mix of luck, wisdom, stubbornness, and toughness, I managed to come out on top. Full emotional reporting to come, but kit-lists are easy to write while I still sort my . . . → Read More: Highland Trail Race – Kit

When it’s good, it’s good

It was one of those rides where everything came together. A ride where the little things that make you question the time and effort you put into riding are burnt away by the fire and intensity of it just being flat out fun.

At 4pm, I was “working” but already thinking about the ride. The . . . → Read More: When it’s good, it’s good

The Hard Road

It never gets easier, you just go faster – Greg LeMond

When you watch a rider who is that little bit faster than you, it seems like magic. Some sort of effortless, inevitable power is driving them on. Meanwhile, every pedal stroke of yours is dredged up from your guts. It’s tempting to think . . . → Read More: The Hard Road

Ready for Grenzsteintrophy

All the usual chaos getting ready (full day’s work, fixing my car tyre, rescuing the cat from a fight, …) but the bike’s in the box and I’m ready to go over to Germany for the Grenzsteintrophy.

The event is 750 miles down the old border between East and West Germany. It’s a revised route . . . → Read More: Ready for Grenzsteintrophy

Bristol Bikefest 2012

It’s hard to write interesting things about this kind of racing, so here’s the summary of my race in the 12hr solo at Bristol Bikefest:

Great atmosphere. The race was fun. Then it was boring. Then it was painful. Then it was fun again. Then it was painful with fun bits. Then . . . → Read More: Bristol Bikefest 2012

Taking Over The Internet!

While it was enjoyable to write about doing stuff instead of buying/owning stuff, looking at kit is a good way to slack off from work…

Two things to look at at magazine sites:

Privateer Blog article on what I couldn’t be without (essentially, two wheels, and you’re good to go!) Bikemagic Blog article on my . . . → Read More: Taking Over The Internet!

The Cairngorms Loop

They say you should never meet your heroes. Well, the Cairngorms have always held a heroic place in my mind. I’d never been there, barely even seen many photographs. I just had the impression that it was wild. It was a place where the foolish could come unstuck and the hardy could find beauty and . . . → Read More: The Cairngorms Loop


As I’ve been working away on the route for EWE, the software that has made it possible has been RouteBuddy. I’ve always resisted buying any mapping software as you can get quite far with free online tools and there is limited choice for Mac users. But EWE was too big a project: I needed to . . . → Read More: RouteBuddy

How to fix a Garmin Dakota bike mount

Overall, I’ve been really happy with my Dakota. It’s seen me through many (many!) miles of riding and not once let me down.

A couple of times, it did eject on rough ground but I was lucky enough to find it quite quickly on each occasion. Given that a GPS is pretty important to various . . . → Read More: How to fix a Garmin Dakota bike mount