EWE Day 2

Rain was falling. It wasn’t hard rain, but it was remorseless. In the pre-dawn gloom, there was no chance of staying in the garage and waiting for the weather to blow over.

The only comfort in putting my wet kit back on was to hit the trail as soon as possible and start generating heat. . . . → Read More: EWE Day 2

Resolve and EWE Day 1

Resolve. A dedication to the task at hand and an unrelenting motion toward achieving the goal. A certain hardness, selfishness, and determination.

The correct resolve is a pre-requisite before a big event. With the right resolve, all struggles pass, all obstacles are hopped, skipped, or torn asunder. With resolve comes patience. Always moving forward, there . . . → Read More: Resolve and EWE Day 1

Readying for EWE

It would be nice to think that I know what I’m doing with bikepacking by now. But every day’s a school day so there are various changing I’m making from my Grenzsteintrophy kit to my EWE kit. Things worked pretty well for me there, but there was definitely room for a little improvement:

Gore Waterproof . . . → Read More: Readying for EWE