Iditarod Stats

I’m working on a proper story about the Iditarod but, in the meantime, here are some stats!

I recorded the whole ride on my GPS and put it onto Strava. However, they are set up as private rides so that people can’t download the track file. Getting lost is part of the experience, and trying . . . → Read More: Iditarod Stats


Obsessions with the weather can get out of control before the Iditarod Trail Invitational. You can’t change the weather, but you can do your best to be prepared for whatever it might throw up.

Yesterday, it was -27C in McGrath. For the race start tomorrow, it’s due to be around 0C in Anchorage. It might . . . → Read More: Pre-Iditarod

Look North

Not that North, further.

So far North that the lakes and rivers are frozen hard. Where omnipresent snow has 100 different kinds of crunch under your feet. Where the nights are savagely, beautifully cold and accompanied by the dance of the aurora growling across the sky. Where wolves run and bears sleep. Where it can . . . → Read More: Look North

Celebrity Adventure

So, Helen Skelton is going to “become the first person to use a bicycle to help her reach the South Pole”.

A few exaggerated claims in this BBC article are causing some annoyance on the internet. It claims that in the 500 miles trip she will “hope to set a new world record for the . . . → Read More: Celebrity Adventure

The Yukon

I have removed this post as a version of it will probably be appearing in The Ride Journal later this year. More thoughts on the Iditarod to come, though, including getting lost on the sea ice and competing with Jay on the run-in!

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The first ever single speeder to Nome

Well Aidan made it!  He was head to head with Jay and gave us a very exciting finish as it was close between them to the end.  Aidan came in 2nd  in an amazing time of  17 days 9 hours and 15 minutes.  He has become the first ever single speeder to successfully make it . . . → Read More: The first ever single speeder to Nome

It is getting exciting!

So I left it last time that I had hoped to hear from Aidan the next day at Kaltag.  I in fact got a call from him that night, he was in good spirits and making brilliant progress.  I got another phone call last night as he had reached Elim and was pushing onto Golovin . . . → Read More: It is getting exciting!

Aidan’s on the Yukon


It has been a while since I last updated Aidan’s where abouts, so here goes.  I spoke to him Friday morning (5:30) UK time as he had just reached Anvik.  He was stopping there that night whilst the Petervary’s went onto Grayling.  He sounded good and commented on the fact that he is looking . . . → Read More: Aidan’s on the Yukon


This is a bit of an unchecked brain dump. Apologies for any incoherence. And thanks to Emily, Gillian, Mum + Dad, and everyone else for your support. It’s great!

Well, I made it to McGrath in just under 5 days.

It’s been a much more steady effort than last time I was out here. . . . → Read More: McGrath

He’s somewhere out there!

Hi all.

So at the moment communications from the check points back to Kathi (one of the organisers of the race) is a bit slow, probably due to the sheer amount of hungry bikers mouths to feed as and when they come in, not leaving a lot of time for telephone calls.

I did leave . . . → Read More: He’s somewhere out there!