Motivation and the lack thereof

Well, the Voodoo is back. A new frame under warranty and no questions asked, so that’s pretty good of them. It’s weird to have the same bike but shinier and with the logos intact. The first ride back was incredible: suddenly, I could pick lines that required some precision rather than leaving huge margins for . . . → Read More: Motivation and the lack thereof

So that’s another bike down. My bike-breaking history is not as bad as some: two aluminium, and now one titanium.

I’ve never really got that excited about the bikes, it’s always been about the riding. Last year, I happened to be in Portland at the time of the North American Handmade Bike Show and it . . . → Read More:


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I’m old

And late with posting about it. But the festivities were pretty good.

It was an early start so that Emily could go swimming with her club and I could sneak in a ride. As I pulled into the Look Out car-park, it was remarkably quiet but it was also 7.30am. I hadn’t ridden off-road in . . . → Read More: I’m old

Maybe I am a singlespeeder?

After an annoying session of fixing bikes (broken cranks on the Balfa, snapped rack mounts on the Karate Monkey, buckled wheel on the Voodoo, Rockhopper built as stand-in for KM), I took my frustrations out on the Voodoo’s gear hanger.

Now I have a nice Ti gear-hanger key fob. Take that bike maintenance!

. . . → Read More: Maybe I am a singlespeeder?

Porky Panniers

A few weeks ago, I broke an eyelet off of the back of my Karate Monkey. It’s my work bike so I frequently have to carry loads of stuff in the panniers, and one day it was just too much. The bottom of the rack broke free of the frame and made a horrendous noise . . . → Read More: Porky Panniers

Still Not Loud Enough, Still Not Fast Enough

Well, last weekend was Maxx Exposure and once again the sun shone on me (at least until it went down). I’d imagine that 75 miles of chalk and dark would be quite intimidating in the wet, but when I arrived at Beachy Head it was all dust and ice-cream vans.

I was pretty motivated for . . . → Read More: Still Not Loud Enough, Still Not Fast Enough


Hooray for things beginning with “Max”. Not “Maxed out! Stoked!” like some sort of Californian, but Max for Maxxis, Maxim, and Maxx Exposure.

First there were tyres. I’ve been running Racing Ralphs for the last few months. They’re light, fast-rolling, and all-round grippy. But they’re expensive and fragile in rocky environments. So with one set . . . → Read More: Max!

Flip flops and big drops

Some photos that summarise the summer.

Bike-wise it’s been about progression, taking it easy on the training front, fiddling with different bikes and set-ups, and lots of riding with flats. The pedal choice was first brought on by frostbite making my toes too big for cycling shoes, but I enjoyed it so much that . . . → Read More: Flip flops and big drops

Snow halts play

I was supposed to be going to Austria for my mum’s birthday this week, which would have been a lot of fun. Time to have walks, dinners, drinks… chilled out stuff with no connection to bikes. Unfortunately, a couple of inches of snow intervened. As usual South East England fell to pieces. No flights, buses, . . . → Read More: Snow halts play