The Sad Truth About The PCT

Well, I’d been trying to keep the dramatic tension for anyone who didn’t know about how the PCT ended for me. The rate and detail of posts about it probably gave the game away though, so other topics are going to creep in-between, but the story will get finished. After a while my knee packs . . . → Read More: The Sad Truth About The PCT

PCT Day 4: Mt. Laguna to underneath Sunrise Highway

Our plan for the day was to head along the Laguna rim and see how well my knee held up. Unfortunately, we were behind schedule and would need more food, so we decided to split up for the first section. Once again, Morgan was taking up the slack caused by my failing knee – this . . . → Read More: PCT Day 4: Mt. Laguna to underneath Sunrise Highway

PCT Day 3: Julian

Sleeping much past dawn was difficult on a trip like this but we gave it a go, and it was a pretty leisurely 8.00 by the time we reached the post office and shops in Mt Laguna. Of course they weren’t open, so we killed time watching the lack of hustle and the lack of . . . → Read More: PCT Day 3: Julian

PCT Day 2: Lake Morena to Mt. Laguna

Those damn dogs! Sleeping in a hick town where every resident has a noisy dog in their yard isn’t easy. I’m so jealous of Morgan’s ability to sleep through anything. Today we head for Laguna – at 6,000ft elevation some climbing will be necessary.

However, before we even get beyond sight of Lake Morena, the . . . → Read More: PCT Day 2: Lake Morena to Mt. Laguna

PCT Day 1: Near Campo to Lake Morena

We got up “early” to put some miles behind us before the heat of the day really took hold. Later, we would come to a whole new definition of early, but for now we dragged ourselves out of tent and bivvi sac then spent some time faffing with where to pack stuff. Having laboured along . . . → Read More: PCT Day 1: Near Campo to Lake Morena

PCT Day 0

All good things start from 0 and so it was with our PCT hike. After entertaining us with artichokes, pasta, and beer the night before, Cam drove us down to the start of the trail on the Mexican border. Well, actually he drove us via his office for some just-in-time planning of little details like . . . → Read More: PCT Day 0

PCT Resupply Schedule

For those who may want to track our progress, or send stuff, here is our resupply schedule

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Today, we walk

Today’s the day that Morgan and I start the PCT. After a hectic couple of days around LA, including arriving straight off my flight and into helping to Morgan to move house, going to a gig, getting up at dawn for more moving house, and then running around packing food and running errands; things are . . . → Read More: Today, we walk

Desert Umbrella

When I first heard about hikers using umbrellas to combat the heat, I though of Gogo Dodo (see right). Ha! I’d never use something so ridiculous. And then I read more about the ferocious heat of SoCal, and I softened. Then I read Catra’s blog – she just started on the PCT and it sounds . . . → Read More: Desert Umbrella

I got me a spork!

I just like saying it, too. Spork! Spork! Spork!

Actually, typing it is less fun than saying it.

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