Where To Sleep on The Tour Divide

Someone asked me this by email. Here’s what I said:

If you’re thinking of trying to pick which towns to sleep in, that is probably a bad idea. You’ll be off-plan pretty soon, so you might as well wing it the whole way.

In general, it’s much quicker to sleep out than to get a . . . → Read More: Where To Sleep on The Tour Divide

Tour Divide Kit List

I don’t normally do kit lists. But, my Divide kit worked out pretty well this year and there isn’t much I would change. So here’s what I took:

The Bike Singular Pegasus singlespeed frame On One carbon fork Hope Pro 2 / Stans 355 29er wheels Maxxis Crossmark LUST rear tyre, Maxxis Ikon EXO . . . → Read More: Tour Divide Kit List

My Tour Divide in Pictures

My pictures with slight commentary. Mostly taken when riding with Josh (hence not much after Silverthorne):

Robin shows me around his local singletrack in a Banff shakedown ride.

Josh pushing through snow on the Whitefish reroute. I think it was over 10 miles of snow, but at least it was well packed and we could . . . → Read More: My Tour Divide in Pictures

Tour Divide Decompression Begins

It’s all over and I came in 6th place. I’m currently staying at Jamie’s house (Jamie seems to know everyone in Silver City) along with Kurt Refsnider. It’s a very nice place to be hanging out post-event. There are all kinds of thoughts, pictures and words to get out there. First, something that I spent . . . → Read More: Tour Divide Decompression Begins

Getting the right attitude

The Tour Divide is approaching (starts on June 10) and it’s slipping into just about every thought these days. Getting the kit right. Organising logistics for before and after the race. Figuring out the navigation. Training. Fretting. It’s pretty consuming, but that’s half of the fun.

The Divide this year is quite a different prospect . . . → Read More: Getting the right attitude

An Older One – The Sarn Helen Trail

Here’s something I wrote back in May about The Sarn Helen Trail in Wales. Not to be confused with some other Welsh C2C routes, I just kinda made this one up as training for the Tour Divide. I kept this story back as I had sent it to a magazine, but after a bit of . . . → Read More: An Older One – The Sarn Helen Trail


2700 miles. Canada to Mexico. Alone.

That’s the strapline for the Ride The Divide film. It’s easy to focus on the first part of that statement, but the gravity of the final word is not apparent until you go there.


No-one to support you, no-one to love, no-one to share with. At times on . . . → Read More: Alone

Post Tour Divide Answers

Well, the Tour Divide is over for me in 2010. It was an outstanding experience. From meeting other riders in Banff, to the varied environments of the trail, to the many people in businesses along the trail who encouraged me despite the smell and the voracious appetite, it was great. I’m going to try to . . . → Read More: Post Tour Divide Answers

Yippee he’s done it!

Aidan has just called and he has finished!

He sounds pretty good and has just had a massive cooked breakfast plus huge pancakes with whipped cream!

Now he is going to get some rest before catching a bus to LA where he is going to spend his remaining time with his buddies.

What an amazing . . . → Read More: Yippee he’s done it!

Hurrah! It’s the final countdown!

I am so excited that Aidan is nearly at the finish! I have butterflies flapping wildly around in my stomach.

He stopped last night 48.76 miles from Silver City (his last check point!)It looks as though he is still there but I reckon we will see signs of movement in half an hour or so. . . . → Read More: Hurrah! It’s the final countdown!