Podium finish?

Ok so i’ve just listened to people calling in. Aidan is saying that he is going to up the pace now and push into the night a bit more.

Eric who is in 3rd place called into say that he is going to slow the pace as he is going to burn out if . . . → Read More: Podium finish?

Sad times

Hi All

Firstly Aidan is fine and doing well. He is in 4th position and heading towards Salida.

I felt that I should update the blog as Aidan has been riding alongside Dave Blumenthal for a good part of the race. Yesterday however Aidan went on ahead. I am so relieved that he did as . . . → Read More: Sad times

Two more states to go!


Well, how exciting is this race?! I could barely get enough signal on my phone whilst I was away camping at the weekend to follow Aidan, but when I could I was so happy to see him still eating up the miles. Now I have regular access again, it is truly amazing to see . . . → Read More: Two more states to go!

Speeding up!

Ok just a quick update as I am away this weekend and so will not be able to forward any info on.

Aidans last text was a couple of days ago and he mentioned that the tough part was “wet and nasty at the end”. He has however managed to grab a chance to get . . . → Read More: Speeding up!

Tough cruising


Just a quick update to say that I have heard from Aidan. He confirmed that the spot wasn’t working but he was too tired to work it out, however he is loving the riding, generally cruising well and no complaints about sore knees or tummy upsets (others are complaining of these things when . . . → Read More: Tough cruising

He’s moving!

Hurrah Aidan is on the move and it would seem that he has been for quite a while as he has made it across the American border and is now in the town of Whitefish!

Whitefish is the 3rd checkpoint and has taken 2 days 12 hours and 21 minutes to get there and . . . → Read More: He’s moving!

Tour divide so far….


Whilst Aidan is away I am updating his blog with information that I know.

So far things are quite varied.

He started well, he was in 5th place for most of the first day (Friday) and then he began to drop back a few places. He then stopped at Elkford. I thought nothing . . . → Read More: Tour divide so far….

The Tour Divide Approaches!

Well, it’s been a successful few days in Canada for me. It turned out that the guy I sat next to on the plane from London lives in Canmore (about 20km from Banff), and he was good enough to offer me his sofa to sleep on for a few days. He’s a nice guy and . . . → Read More: The Tour Divide Approaches!


A single picture for now, but here’s my Swift:

Sam sorted me out with this after the Voodoo died again and I needed something pronto to ride the Tour Divide. It’s light, fast, and lovely!

Tweet This Post Post to . . . → Read More: Swift!