West Highland Way and more frustration

It’s hard to know how to look back on the year so far. I’ve managed to get pretty fit, met some great people, and been to some incredible places. But… and it’s a big “but”, I’ve ended up being the plucky loser. Which is certainly better than being a diffident loser, but it’s still inescapably . . . → Read More: West Highland Way and more frustration

WHW – Postmortem

Well that didn’t go quite the way I expected. This will be a tale in two parts: the story; then the geeky bike stuff.

The Story

The epic began with a mammoth drive from London to Glasgow. Start time: after work. Objective: get there before midnight! We had booked into the cheapest hotel I could . . . → Read More: WHW – Postmortem

WHW – Preparations

My West Highland Way attempt got delayed, but it’s now all systems go! It took an extra week to get over being ill at the start of January, but that may have worked out for the best.

Last weekend was the Strathpuffer 24 hour solo race close to the northern end of the WHW. My . . . → Read More: WHW – Preparations