Why ride a singlespeed? (Part 2)

Here’s another good reason (Part 1 here):

Because it’s not the fastest way to ride a bike. I’m hugely competitive, but that competition is directed at myself. Deliberately riding a bike that’s inefficient acknowledges where the real challenge lies: not in beating other people, not in achieving an 5% improvement in my average speed, but . . . → Read More: Why ride a singlespeed? (Part 2)

Why ride a singlespeed?

There’s a thousand and one answers to that question, but todays answer is:

Because they work. Bikes with gears almost never work properly – a sticky cable here, a bent and bent-back mech hanger there, a worn casette, a wobbly front mech, a wobby rear mech, worn out jockey wheels, chainsuck, burrs on the chainrings…. . . . → Read More: Why ride a singlespeed?