Entry / Start List

Entry is by sending a Letter of Intent to aidan.harding@gmail.com.

Please be realistic about your abilities before considering EWE. It will be hard: 100+ mile days of “proper” mountain biking back-to-back. These days will pile up, taking their toll on you. It will involve wild camping, possibly in the rain. You should be prepared for a situation where your bike is a complete write-off and you have to walk out by yourself.

This is a race so if you just want to tour the route, do so at your own leisure.

Start List 2014

Name Home Town Club / Sponsor
 Jeff Tomassetti  Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA  
 Kevin Kelly

Your Letter of Intent

Your LoI does not need to be a huge essay, but should demonstrate that you have a good chance of finishing the race and not having to call Mountain Rescue. Please include your home town and club/sponsor (if applicable).


The race leaderboard will be run by Trackleaders using SPOT trackers to monitor the location of racers.

You are not required to carry a SPOT, but it will be more fun if you do – your family and friends will be able to follow you and the rest of the race.


There is no entry fee. Trackleaders will be running the leaderboard at cost, so a contribution to them will be required if you want to be tracked on there.

Individual Time Trials

You are welcome to ITT the route at any time after the main departure. Please send me an email first and we can try to set you up with Trackleaders.


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