Questions and Answers

Answers to some questions not asked here in the comments:

  • Why not Scotland, too? 
    • Because I’ll be organising this in my “spare” time. Scotland will be a fine addition if things go well, making it EWES.
  • What about the “no racing on bridleways” thing?
    • If anyone asks, it’s not a race 🙂

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2 comments to Questions and Answers

  • Ashley

    I’ll be doing the GDT this year, but I’m only marginally a racer, hoping to crack 120 miles per day average: would that qulitify to bike the EWE with you. Do you recommend full susupension for your route?

    Hope to catch up with you all this summer: great site,


    • Hi Ashley,

      Before I rode the Divide, doing 100+ miles a day seemed absolutely crazy, but the dirt roads out there are much easier going than normal UK riding so you might do more than you expect.

      I certainly wouldn’t think of doing both the Divide and EWE in the same year. In my experience of last year, EWE was much harder than the Divide.

      Short-travel full suspension would probably be “ideal” but I rode fully rigid, so whatever bike you fancy will do the job.

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