Current total distance:1180 miles

There will be some minor revisions for 2014, avoiding a couple of sections with no trail. The map file has not yet been updated.

The route is provided as a GPX file. It is a collaborative effort by riders around the country. The contributors so far are:

Joining up the sections and creating my portions were all done using Routebuddy who have generously supported the EWE idea. Their software has given me OS and aerial mapping together to get tracks on the ground as well as rights of way.

The philosophy behind the route is to showcase UK riding by visiting some of the best riding destinations in England and Wales. The trails used are often quite challenging with rocky terrain and steep climbs. Some roads and gentle trails are inevitable and preferred to making muddy slogs just for the sake of being off-road.

You can still help! If the route goes through an area that you know, you can help with:

  • Improvments: Is it on a bad trail? Missing a good one? Let me know!
  • On-the-ground tracks: Some of the route is put together with clicks on a computer, if you can ride it and provide more accurate mapping, that would be a huge help!
  • Just download below, and email me with your thoughts

To see the route in more detail, you can view it on Bikehike here:

Or download it directly here:

Routebuddy – nice people, great mapping software!

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