It’s a tough question. Unless you just come back with “Why not?”. Nevertheless, here are a few “whys” that I can answer…

Why have a website?

To inspire some people, to share some information, to start some discussions, to help promote and thank people who help me on adventures. I don’t think I have extraordinary talents, but I have made some life decisions that allow me to do unusual things. If I can help other people who want to do such things, or just make someone’s day a bit more interesting with a tale or a photo, then that would be great.

Why go on these trips?

If you don’t know, then maybe you never will. I can’t imagine not going on epic trips. They change you – not in big ways where I go away for a few weeks and come back a better/different person, but in small ways. A few lessons learned about myself or the world. A few people met with fresh views. A few achievements to be proud of. I think Roald Amundsen put it well,

Little brains have only room for thoughts of bread and butter

We all find our own ways to go beyond the necessities of life. At the moment, this is mine.

Why ride a singlespeed bike?

Well, why not?

I started on singlespeeds due to lack of money. As a student, I couldn’t keep replacing worn out drivetrains. But, riding singlespeed is addictive. The balance of the bike is great without all that weight out at the back. The reliability is improved. It looks better without all those cables. Most important, though, is the ride. Riding a singlespeed is honest and simple. You only have to think about pedalling and flowing – no thumb action. If you can’t make it up a hill, then you can’t make it up a hill – you weren’t in the wrong gear, you just couldn’t do it. You carry speed down hills when you get too fast to pedal, and you can revel in the silence of a quiet drivetrain.

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